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Larry Lansburgh

Wordsmith & Film Productions and Webmaster Consultant

Academy Award-nominated & Emmy-winning documentary film maker Book Author


The Simple Key to Great Presentations



Larry is the author of The Simple Key to Great Presentations: how to create and deliver powerful presentations, even if you’re not a great speaker.


He has also authored the book The World's Greatest Snappy Comebacks: Stories behind the Finest Wisecracks and Wisdom from Ancient Times to the Present Day.


In addition to his public speaking work, Larry coaches and consults organizations and individuals who need to improve their presentations.


Over the years has created hundreds of presentations live events as well as film and video.


Awards for his film work include an Academy Award nomination and an Emmy.


Dream People of the Amazon


Larry brings his audiences an inspiring message from the Achuar people of the Amazon rain forest in southeastern Ecuador. The Achuar are still living a traditional life deeply connected with nature, but they are also using ingenious strategies to deal with the pressures and threats of the modern world. Larry’s presentation includes selected scenes from his documentary film “Dream People of the Amazon.”

The World's Greatest Snappy Comebacks

Stories behind the Finest Wisecracks and Wisdom from Ancient Times to the Present Day


"The World's Greatest Snappy Comebacks" Stories behind the Finest Wisecracks and Wisdom from Ancient Times to the Present Day This book includes calm words spoken by a prisoner sentenced to death by hanging, biting comments from a ventriloquist’s dummy who criticized his human for moving his lips, and a gracious response from a woman who was the world’s leading arms dealer. You’ll also find classic remarks from the greats: Winston Churchill, Dorothy Parker, W.C. Fields, Mae West, and some people who are all but unknown today.




Micah Simon

Wordsmith, Graphic Designer, MasterMind Planner and Promoter

Micah has extensive experience in marketing, communications and content writing for a variety of industries. This has included sports, education, health and healing. Micah enjoys working with small businesses and individuals who provide empowering services and products that contribute to the wellbeing of all.


Using her creativity, attention to detail and thoroughness in whatever she does, Micah makes an invaluable impression on the people she works with as a co-worker and person.


An avid traveler, Micah loves documenting her experiences in other cultures and environments, especially if it involves lively food, meeting cool strangers or time by the ocean.


A starseed at heart, she also enjoys the wonders of wandering the planet she currently calls home. Every so often though, Micah looks beyond the stars she sees to connect back to where she came from and maybe where she’s going next.


Micah's styles of writing puts you in the story with her ability to bring you along with her.  Check out her amazing adventures on:

The Sails Within and Pen Note Writer


A Word From Micah about MasterMind Groups and Projects